Association Strategy: Competition From Members.

#awkward! The moment an association member is told by their association that their association won’t promote their new business that competes with the association’s services. #angry! The response.420638305_8968109fbc_m

I’ve decided to take on an issue that I find fascinating. Why is it that association members think the association should support their competing business? Why is it that members often think that the association should not only stay out of their way but also have an obligation to help them build their business?

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Tips for assessing the level of board level decision making.

Today, I’m musing about what makes some directors operate like supreme court justices that go charging into management 2365300841_fb382251d9_mterritory like a Kardashian at a fame fest. We are mostly all aware that Board can make all the decisions in an organisation if they want to. We also know that doing so is highly ineffective and at times destructive. However, so often directors either individually or collectively will have an issue come up, often through management reporting, and instantly they want to make a ‘decision’. Anyone who’s worked in management for a board will hear the words ‘why did the board get involved’ in their head, because that’s the question they’ll often get from staff. So why did the board get involved?

Let’s take a look at some tips for boards wondering if they’re making the right types of decisions.

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