On Boards and Coordinating Management

Directors – Are you too busy making decisions to actually get on with governing?27887137755_e5533ca97e_z

I’m going to challenge you as a director. Ask yourself, can I trust that my board has done its work well enough for management to make big decisions? If the answer is no – you’re most likely not on a high performing board. Continue reading

Association Strategy: Competition From Members.

#awkward! The moment an association member is told by their association that their association won’t promote their new business that competes with the association’s services. #angry! The response.420638305_8968109fbc_m

I’ve decided to take on an issue that I find fascinating. Why is it that association members think the association should support their competing business? Why is it that members often think that the association should not only stay out of their way but also have an obligation to help them build their business?

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