We want to own our health story

Today I sat in the Health Workforce Australia conference and listened to a great discussion about health professionals needing to be more consumer focused. I can imagine similar conversations about social networking pre-Facebook. Maybe it’s just me but I’m imagining a disruptive change and it may not be that far away.

I’m convinced that consumers, particularly young consumers will be far more engaged in owning their health. However they just don’t have the tools – yet. We’re already hearing that consumers are far less concerned about disclosure and sharing health details on Facebook than we ever imagined so one has to ask where the barrier is? Continue reading

The Mad Hatter Chairman

As a chairman, I’ve been reading a lot lately about managing high performing CEO’s. I then started to reflect on my role as part of the high performing team; what would happen if I was a nutter.

Well unfortunately, I often speak to NFP CEO’s who deal with Mad Hatter Chairmen every day. Mad Hatter Chairs are the ones who engage in some or all of the following;

  • flip flop around, responding to every stakeholder whim that passes them by
  • confuse mentoring, coaching and leading with micromanagement
  • find it hard to accept that organisations have finite resources
  • rapidly ‘blame’ the CEO if there’s a lack performance
  • undermine organisational structures and try to manage staff directly
  • veer off agreed plans and priorities
  • go well beyond the scope of the job, often usurping the CEO’s role
  • act unilaterally claiming to represent the board

So what can be done about the Mad Hatter Chair?

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